It's Friday night as he prepares for the new client Mila arranged.  She has him for the entire weekend.  Robert, shutting down at the end of the day, transforming into Ace.  She, the client will drop close to $4G, she wants top shelf material.  Robert got the nod.

First the blue skull cap, then the slim fitted suit coat, cheap material, China manufactured.  Somewhat classy over lab attire, old jeans, sneakers and black v-neck T.

Next is the rooftop leading to the 'Now' as Robert thinks of it.  All else is barley real.  Do they know about this place.  It's the last place Robert exists until his return on Monday.


Created YxW Cafe, her charming independent bookstore/Cafe/Bar. The idea was to have a neighborhood location for escape and to promote the arts. But in the day of and razer thin margins, making ends meet is a constant struggle. So she has to make this work and discovers other demands by clients, her rich female clients from Northwest looking for escape.   She calls this Unspecified Services. She finds her boys, one at a time and lures them from their normal productive but boring professions. They are book consultants by day and escorts at night. 

YxW becomes profitable.

The location is Southwest DC. Mila likes the waterfront area and the neighborhood, which are not wealthy at the time, are great neighbors and she has repeat customers. The unfortunate side-effect of being one, artsy, and two, profitable - it attracts attention. Gentrification begins in the area and the neighborhood changes.


"What did you do to her?, or was it Them?"

Mila pushes the advance over to him.  A check for $250,000.  Robert picks it up.  "Did it have anything to do with Labradors and peanut butter?" Mila inquires. 

"You know that's strictly prohibited in my contract, and later amended to include all specie's of the canine persuasion, after the . .  Incident."


 . . . the most senior escort on Mila's team. He's beautiful, mostly. His dirty blond hair clings to his perfectly shaped skull. Some might rationalize that static electricity is the force behind this tenacity of cling. Even on a Chicago windy day his hair wont flinch. It's remarkable, really. Also, his appearance alters from attractive to thug-like at any moment while all the same remaining beautiful. Robert cannot figure out if it's the reflected or absorbed light that morphs the changes, or if it's his, Robert's state of mind that creates these physical transformations.