What have you got for me?

They sit around the mahogany boardroom table in silence as Robert gathers the report he prepared for the group. This is Mila's meeting which occurs every Thursday around noon. Furtive glances and awkward stares from the others as most are wondering how much longer this will go on, the torment and baiting of her husband. They look at Mila, then back to Robert. Mila stands up and saunters to behind Robert's chair and massages his shoulders, “you're my best boy Bobbie,” and kisses his cheek.

Hunter is present today and again, shirtless. Making odd pucker faces at his reflection in the window, striking poses and flexing his very ripped and very tanned torso. Mila stares at him, an attempt to making him feel even the tiniest bit self-consciousness to which Hunter ignores.

“Gabriel, what do you got for me?” Mila returns back to her place at the front and clasps her hands on the table. Mila is sporting something entirely new from her, one can only guess, extremely large closet. Today it is a dusty pink surplice crop top that compliments her brunette hair complete with matching tight wrap-around skirt that just hugs her hips ever so well. The white Asos Katcher wide fit heeled over the knees boots are a nice touch. All that is missing is the drill-team baton to complete the look.

“Oh, ah . . . “ Gabe, caught off guard sits up and shuffles through the pile of papers he brought with him. “Yeah, so yeah. Just the usual, dinner, a leisurely walk around the city, some tickling and pinching afterwards at her place which led to some base sex. You know the usual. No tormenting of husbands or jealous boyfriends, nothing of that sort,” Gabe smirks at Robert.

“That's wonderful Gabe, nice and succinct,” Mila adds.

“Succinct, being the operative word here” Remarks Micheal. The group laughs at Micheal's much needed witticism. Mila, being the only female present smiles as well. Of Mila's boys, Micheal is the least fit of them all. He sports the so-called dad bod which much to Gabe's astonishment, he is extremely successful with all his dates which leaves Gabe wondering if he's just packing a log. The deal is, as much time as the others are putting in the gym training their bodies, lifting, grunting and sweating, Micheal is in the library reading whatever crosses his fancy. Sometimes he'll just meander down a stack and select a random book to check out. He goes home, pulls out a six pack of Bud from the fridge and reads away the afternoon. Micheal is also the only escort in Mila's group whose married. He loves his afternoons alone while Cindy is away cutting client's hair.

“Could someone please give Daniel a poke over there,” Adriel speaks up. “The snoring, it's too much.”

Zachariah The Nobe uses the easer side of the pencil, the one he used to diligently take notes on Robert's presentation and pokes his drunk sleeping colleague awake. Daniel snorts awake and flails around as if shooing away a bug then lets off a rum mixed with fried eggs belch.

“So happy you could join us Daniel.” Mila says to him. Robert and Gabriel were just updating the group.

“Of course, Robert's wife-snatching date turned wanderlust to say the least,” Daniel speaks up using the phony British accent he's so fond of. He is from Akron Ohio. “The husband, still searching I gather and one wonders why. He should let her go, he's giving her what she wants.”

“It may be a face-saving thing now, for The husband,” Zacharias The Nobel reminds Daniel and the group in general. “We all have our pride, no.”

“Or it's because he's not innocent too” says Daniel's back of the chair as he's now fumbling under the table searching for his winter wheat and rye Russian vodka.

“It's on the table Danny where you left it,” Mila instructs.

Daniel's bearded face pokes up. Mila is pointing to the half empty, or do we say half full bottle of chilled ZyR resting on the rich mahogany wood with no coaster. “Ah yes of course, thank you m'lady.” Lady Mila nods.

Danny takes a long pull from the bottle and wipes his wet lips with his one of his hairy forearms then continues. “It's a story about torment. But whose tormenting whom may not be clearly visible,” Daniel looks over to Robert, “Me laddy, need t' be lookin at the bonnie lass”

Robert begins to gather his things. “I need to get back I have a 1:30pm appointment back at the cafe.”

“OK guys let's cut this short, we're getting off track anyway. I'll get back with you all about this weekend. And Robert, can you hold off a bit.”

All but Robert get up to leave the conference room. Mila stands up and paces a bit before taking a seat next to Robert and runs her fingers through his long dark hair, pushing it back and she smiles at him. He's beautiful, no women could turn him down. “So what's going on Bob?”

“You know, he came into the cafe the other day, her husband. He orders a tea from me and asked if I ever saw this women before. He showed me a picture of her. It looked like it'd been taken a long time ago when they were back in China, they may have just friends then. She has both arms up in the air, like a V. I get a sense she's happy but I cannot see her face but I can tell it's her. I wanted to know what she was doing at the time the photo was taken. I give it back to him and tell him I didn't know her and asked if she's a lost sister or lover. He just waived me off like if I was of no use to him. He would not make eye contact with me. This is the closest I've ever been to him and all I could perceive was something vacant, a deficit. He needed something to grasp to make things real again, go back to how they were before. Before was easier to understand, it made sense to him.”

“I'm not liking any of this Bob. He's hunting you down and I think he might be dangerous. The tracking app, why not just ditch the phone.”

“He needs to know what it's like to be part of someone else's plan.” With that Mila gives Robert a sideways look.

“Look, Bob, Robert, I have something for you. It's a date. She needs an escort for a Kennedy Center event this Saturday. You have her for the weekend. Her name is Jacqueline.”

Robert stands up to leave then turns to Mila. “Can you cover my shift this afternoon. I need to find an old friend.”